How to Write A Good Academic Argumentative Essay?

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

Do you know you will interact with many different types of essays in school? Well, regardless of your discipline, argumentative essays are inevitable in school.The argumentative essay is a paper written by students to research the topic, collect evidence, and argue out the two sides of the subject and establish their position on the argument. It's like having a debate but on paper. The purpose of this item is to convince the reader and not to inform them. It may seem not easy to write this essay because of the arrangement of thoughts and keeping up with the word count. The structure of the argumentative essay is well explained.

The argumentative essay structure is similar to any other paper; the format is what is different. A professor can assign a different design for every piece, but the system is always identical. It's advised that one should always be informed about the design and features of a document to be easier to write. Below is a reviewed general structure to use;

  • Introduction

The opening graph always introduces the thesis statement. It has a little background on the topic and probably definitions. The thesis statement should always be topical and narrow but able to create a discussion for the essay. It should be a simple statement and a disputable one. Mainly, a thesis statement should always have a provoking effect. The introduction should have the most inviting sentences to create suspense for the reader. This keeps them interested and wanting to know more about your argument.

  1. The body

The main body usually consists of three paragraphs. Each paragraph should address a particular point, but they should always be connected to the thesis statement. Since the body is where one settles on opinion for the argument, there are two ways to tackle it. You can work with discussing the two-sided and finish by stating your opinion. This is always a good theme, especially if the reader is not well acquainted with the topic. The second one is still expressing your view from the beginning. Both sides should always be stated with concrete examples and evidence to support them. The body should be clear and convincing. Pros and cons can be used to support your argument.

  1. Logical Transition

The flow of points should always be logical. The ending of one statement is the beginning of an idea that is related to it. Using a smooth and straightforward transition always helps the reader flow through with your thoughts.

  1. Conclusion

The closing paragraph should state the thesis statement once more but using different phrases. It needs to have a summary of the main points. The conclusion needs to convince the reader that the stand the writer took is the rightful stand. It should include a final remark, be impressive, and very persuasive.

An argumentative essay is relatively easy to write. The few requirements include having a persuasive and convincing paper and making the opposite viewpoint writer’s comfortable with your decision. It’s not just about making a point but making a relevant point.

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