Meta Title: Personal Essay: Basic structure of an Essay

How to Write A Personal Essay

Meta description: Personal essay writing seems simple, but it’s not. Try to follow the specific structure and avoid all kinds of mistakes. If you have any confusion, hire a professional writer and ask to buy essays online for college.


The personal essay has different dimensions. Usually, it is about an event or an important person in the writer’s life. College students are also asked to write a personal essay as an assignment. It is a kind of short essay and should be written in an easily understandable way. It can be narrative or inspiration, depending on the topic. Sometimes students are given a specific topic, and sometimes freehand is given to students in the choice of topics.

Structure of A Personal Essay

Writing a personal essay is simple, yet it is complicated. When it is about grades, students need to be very vigilant. Here we are discussing the basic structure of a personal essay, which will help you to write a good one.

  • Introduction: Write the topic first and start the first paragraph. Introduce your topic. The introduction should be very appealing, and it should have the factor to keep the reader engaged. However, it should not be very long, make it brief to keep the interest alive.
  • Body: The body of the essay can be divided into three to four paragraphs. Here you describe the main incident or the person about which you are writing. Keep yourself focused. There is no need to write everything in the essay. Just keep yourself on the topic and write relevant details only.
  • Conclusion: It is the finishing paragraph of your essay. You have to describe the summary of the essay, very briefly. Don’t add any additional information here, just reinforce the previous information.

This is the general structure of an essay. Follow it and make sure you make no mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid

Your essay should be perfectly written. Here are some mistakes, which you must avoid.

  • Choose an interesting topic and write engagingly. An unusual topic will be interesting for the readers. If you are given a common topic, try to find an interesting angle.
  • The essay should be intelligible and properly organized. Outline and arrange the points in proper order. Connected ideas keep the flow and reader enjoy the paper.
  • Avoid the use of common clichés and phrases. It is not a very formal paper, but the use of inappropriate language should be avoided.
  • Don’t drag your essay. Keep it brief and very comprehensive. Avoid retelling the same idea and make it a concise piece of writing.
  • Don’t use dictionary language. An essay should be simple and easy to comprehend for the readers.
  • Check it for spelling, grammar, and other mistakes. Avoid making punctuation errors and check the structure of sentences as well. Don’t submit it without editing and proofreading.
  • Do proper formatting of your essay. Avoid the use of fancy font and styles. Use formal fonts, which are not colorful.

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