Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay for College Students

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

You see, there are no two ways about college or university assignments. Different lectures prefer different to assign their students’ different types of essays and ask about how to order essay writing. Basically, whether in business school, law, medicine, or teaching, you will write an argumentative essay among other schools. This essay requires you to undergo extensive research and planning to ensure you convince your readers. This is an essay that follows two main approaches. The Rogerian Approach, where two sides arguments are explored and analyzed to reach a conclusion. Secondly, the Toulmin approach begins with an introduction, then a thesis, and gives data and evidence to support that claim. The idea here is to find common ground and eliminate counterarguments.

How Should You Structure an Argumentative Essay?

Writing an essay is not that easy. When it comes to argumentative essay, it is an uphill task. Generally, it contains an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. However, a good argumentative essay should have a clear thesis and logical reasoning. To achieve this, you need to note the following;

  • Have a clear, well-structured thesis.

In the introductory paragraph of an argumentative essay, students should review the topic in general. Next, explain to the readers why the issue is essential and exciting. Lastly, present a concise, well-structured thesis statement. The student must understand and follow the instructions of the assignment.

  1. Provide clear Transitions

Transitions are an essential component that unifies the paragraphs. It should be clear how the introduction, body, and conclusion are distinct from each other.

This ensures that the reader is not lost throughout the essay. Your goal here is to show the reader that you know what you are doing.

  1. Have a body paragraph with evidence.

Each paragraph should contain its idea. Start with a topic sentence that offers clarity regarding your stance. Provide substantial evidence to support your thesis. This can only be achieved if you do thorough research regarding your argument.

Also, in the body, including your counterarguments explaining to the reader how they no longer hold up or are outdated. Remember, your prime focus is to leave an impact on the reader. Therefore, you should balance your argument. Point to note, though, do not let the counter-arguments water down your essential opinions.

  1. Provide sufficient evidence

The evidence you include in your essay should directly relate to the topic of your essay. Do not falsify facts as this will discredit your writing.

Research and find your evidence from reliable sources such as expert advice or firsthand observation. Do not judge harshly other opinions that you disregard. Instead, explain why they are irrelevant now.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion of your paper should be compelling. Do not introduce new information to your arguments. Your concluding statement reinforces your thesis. Ensure that at the end of your essay, the reader is convinced to back your thesis argument.

The argumentative essay provides a firm debating ground. Coupled with strong evidence, writing the essay is not hard. You only need to have the facts right.

Present both the positive and negative and produce a winning argumentative essay.

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