What to wear for graduation? Ladies, leave your heels at home

Oral Baccalaureate is not only a test, but also a social event, as well as unwritten rules for dressing. The impression we make can help us, but also hurt us. How to dress properly and avoid it?

Today we will focus on the lightened part of the graduation circus, the clothes. And because ladies have priority, we will be the first to devote ourselves to choosing the right clothes for the more delicate part of the population.

Ladies should first realize that the graduation exam is neither a catwalk nor a party. Clothing should be social, elegant and subtle, colors rather neutral – but a top of almost any color fits the black trousers or black skirt, but avoid phosphor shades.

Dress up for graduation decently and cleanly

So you can reach for the trousers, the more suitable are the long, the ¾. Avoid denim and ragged clothes. Another option is to wear dresses or skirts with a length below or just above the knee. Everything must be clean and creased.

Don’t be challenging

The neckline needs to be considered in advance, but it should never be too deep. If you have a problem with red spots appearing in nervousness, prefer top or dress to the neck. So you won’t be distracted by the stains, and the commission may not notice how much you are really nervous. If these spots appear on your neck, spice up your outfit with a soft scarf.

Heels are not a smart choice

Perhaps the most important is the choice of shoes. High heels can look elegant when a collapsing student walks on them shaky, the overall impression can be comical.

High needles are therefore better left in the shoe cabinet. Reach for low heels or ballerinas. Even with footwear, it should work socially and by no means ragged and dirty. Leave your sneakers at home in any case.

Graduation exam is not an opportunity to showcase your supplements

Do not neglect your hairstyle and accessories when setting up your graduation outfit. Here the rule is “less is more”. Avoid massive accessories completely. A chain with a small pendant but nothing to spoil.

For example, hair can be pulled into a ponytail, bun, or dissolved; we don’t invent any extravagant hairstyles. Pin the edge to the side, it does not work best when the owner puts it out of sight in a few seconds.

When it comes to rehearsal, even with such seemingly banal things as choosing clothes, it is simply necessary to think. The first impression of your person can influence the circumstances positively but also negatively.

Next time, you can look forward to hints and tips for graduation outfit for men.

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