Your Standard Essay Guide

How to Format a Standard Essay

A standard essay is a short piece of writing that can range anywhere between one paragraph to five pages and ask to writemyessayonline. Many times students confuse it with an academic paper that is more involving. When your teacher assigns you the task of writing a standard essay, they are keen to assess specific skills as explained below:

Research skills

Do you back your data with evidence from credible sources of information? If so, then you are on the right track towards writing an excellent paper. Teachers expect students to dig more in-depth for more information by conducting extensive research on their study topic. A well-researched paper is considered truthful due to relevant, timely, and relatable case studies.

Presentation skills

Can you write well? How’s the syntax and flow of your article. Good presentation is essential as it keeps readers engaged while reading it. An article full of grammatical errors is disastrous as teachers do not hesitate to penalize such mistakes. Therefore before handing in your assignment, always ensure that you proofread your work or ask a friend to do it for you.

Critical and creative thinking

How far can your mind go? When analyzing a research topic, try to think outside the box. Whereas there may be several sources of information to help build your case, attempt to think of your unique ideas. This way, you present an outstanding paper that provides actionable recommendations to readers.

Formatting Your Topic; What To Do

When writing your standard essay, sometimes the teacher may give you a discussion topic and, at times, give you the discretion to choose one. If the latter is the case, you can follow the tips explained below to help you choose a great topic.

  • Settle for a topic you are conversant with.
  • Understand your target audience.
  • Evaluate the tools of research that you may need.

You can write about just anything, but you must choose a topic you can confidently write about. Try searching for topics that thrill you and those that you enjoy writing about. It will be an easier job for you to convince other readers.

The other trick to writing an excellent article is to maintain relevance. While you may choose a topic you like, remember that it’s not always about you and that you need to think of your audience. Therefore, strive to settle an issue that your readers can connect to.

Another aspect to consider while selecting a topic is whether you have the necessary resources to research your case. Some issues are very demanding, and it would be best to avoid those, especially if you lack the essential tools for data mining.


Your GPA is at stake each time you are given the assignment to do a standard essay. Therefore, you should spend considerable time researching “How to” from sources such as Google, and you bet you landed on this article from the curiosity of wanting to learn. Hence, the above article is a sure guide for any student writing a standard essay.

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